Infinity War

Super Heroes
         Infinity war is one of the many superhero movies where the powers or creations that the superheroes use go against Newton's laws of physics. There are many scenes in the movie where Newton's laws are clearly violated but you might not pay much attention to if you were just watching the movie normally.
         The first scene that comes to mind is when Bruce Banner is in Iron Mans suit that he used to take on the Hulk. In this scene Bruce is running out in the field and doing jumps and all sorts of movements but the ground under him is not affected at all. This goes against Newton's third law that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If the scene actually followed this law the ground that is under Bruce as he is running and jumping would be completely destroyed, but in the movie the ground is entirely unharmed and there is not even as much as a footprint left behind.

        The second scene or scenes that come to mind is w…

Asteroid Problems

What If an Asteroid headed our way?

In life there are so many things that we can predict as well as things that we can not. Asteroids are one of the things that is hard to predict until there is little time to act. NASA for quite some time now has been creating plans to deal with such a scenario just like what is featured in the movie Armageddon. However in the movie the end result is a bit unrealistic and would not happen in a real world scenario. The plan that I found that NASA has been working on is somewhat similar to what people were wanting to do in Armageddon.

The plan starts out that NASA would send out space shuttles to analyze the asteroid so that we could further understand it and better predict where it might hit the Earth. Based on their readings they predict that they have about 8 years to deal with the asteroid.
 After learning of this possibility NASA launches two space craft carrying multiple kinetic impactors towards the asteroid. These kinetic impactors are meant no…


Eraser        In the movie Eraser staring Arnold Schwarzenegger, there are some unrealistic physics that are going on within some of the scenes where people are shooting railguns. While railguns are a cool idea and can be created there is no possible way for them to work in the way that they did within the movie. If I were to rate this movie I would rate it RP for retch physics because, most of the movie seems to be a compilation of people firing a railgun while being unaffected.
       The Scene that I will be analyzing is a scene from the end of the movie where Arnold is carrying two railguns, one under each arm and sending people flying as they are being hit by the shot from one of the railguns.
          In this scene after Arnold has taken out the first two bad guys, he takes the railguns and begins to fire upon the people waiting outside for him. As Arnold is shooting his newly acquired railguns, he seems to not be affected at all by any sort of recoil while all of the people that…

Mission Impossible 3

Mission Impossible 3 In the movie Mission Impossible 3 there are a lot of scenes that just don't make to much sense when it comes to looking at the physics behind them. These scenes take the what seems impossible and makes it possible hence the title of the movie. Even though these scenes make look cool and convincing in the movie, in reality none of these stunts would have really been possible to make. In this I will be looking at three scenes and the physics behind them and state why the scenes do not make sense if they were to be done out in the real world.
The first scene that we will be taking a look at is the scene where Tom Cruise is on top of a tall building in Shanghai and wants to swing across to another building. The question that needs to be awnsered is "is it possible for Tom Cruise to swing from the taller building to the smaller building?" When looking at this problem there are several quantities that you have to look at. One is the height of the building…

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